Sat Apr 21 2012

Stuff…lots o’ stuff

An update.

The past couple months have been hefty. I’m not sure where I’ve been for it. I’ve realized a wee bit about change though. Mostly being how necessary it is & how shit it can be with its timing. We don’t get along well. Being in the wrong state of mind has created all the wrong change. Blaming others & convincing myself that they are at fault has been my biggest defense mechanism. I never have wanted to admit that I’m in the wrong. I’ve pushed too many close people away due to my silly & problematic ways. I’ve forced change upon people who I love. People who i only want to be surrounded by. That I can’t get over. That I need to fix.

As silly as it feels to write this through the site(& not my emotion friendly xanga), I think it’s necessary for this update. Next week i will be leaving for a few shows out East with a couple Indiana shows mixed in. It’s a trip that I’m relying on. It feels like I’ve been standing still for a very long time. A lot is moving around. It’s time I join in. My mind is reaching that right place. I want infected with ambition. I want to prove myself right after all this proving wrong. There is good in here & it’s surrounded by so much love. I’m sorry for not showing either enough.

I received the test pressings for the vinyl yesterday. They are pretty & sound even prettier. Tomorrow is a Woody Guthrie tribute I’m playing with a bunch of other local musicians in south bend. 2:30 at hesburgh center auditorium, notre dame. A lot of really great woody tunes will be performed. I’ll be posting the east coast dates very soon. Updates updates. Keep it busy. Make it work.




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