Thu May 3 2012

Sloth like Fifths & Brooklyn sixth & Tow truck sevenths

I’ve stopped in to nyack from Brooklyn. The city was great though. Cuzzy Catherine & her fantastic roommates were necessary & much appreciated. Can’t wait to visit again. Central Park was a highlight of this trip. There’s something there that screams out for comfortable ambition. It’s a motivation in all the right ways. It provides some crazy instagramps for sure. I spent much of my first day trying my best to get lost in central park kingdom. I hid away with my notebook figuring out what notes could best record how good it felt. This entire trip I’ve had some heavy thoughts. Some heavy ol’ boots. In the park they felt manageable. New York for its residence feels much like how Nashville is with musicians. It demands your effort & ambitions. The people respond with strong pursuit of their passions. It takes much dedication to be locked in there. I feel like the benefits could be monumental. Brings me to thoughts of grad school there. It’s very new.

Today Brooklyn showed a bit of her charm with towing my car from Cuzzos building. Everything turned out fine. I headed up to nyack before leaving for Indiana. Family to see. Food to eat. One of my favorite cities to be in. I’m hoping to get a showe, nap & dinner before leaving for the mighty trip to Bloomington. Very excited for the show tomorrow with Laura Balke . I remember her eyes being very intense. Too cute to toot. We’re playing early at the pourhouse. Please come on out. Heading to Muncie Saturday for another with Laura & her intense eyes. Be Here Now. Can not wait. Need a shower. Ive got a list to follow. GTL beeches. Hope things are even more tops for to youz.












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  1. ames says:

    well well well. i’d certainly like to see the new album up here along with some updates…..nathan….edwin.

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