Sun Jun 17 2012


pop’n sheetz
On the streetz
With my teeth

#np-I’m not there

Heading to Philadelphia from Cleveland. Had a great time in the city last night. Great Lakes brewing company was fantastic followed by mini bowling at the ABC bar. Met some great locals. Now we’re heading down the much preferred 80 on a fantastic day. Camping out tonight outside Philly with some people there. Should be great before Brooklyn tomorrow. Very excited to hang with Sarah hall & oats again. Random happenings: since my wisdom teeth have settled in there places, it seems my bottom front teeth are deciding to separate. My tongue now touches the much unpolished in between parts. I thought at first it was a shell from a ranch sunflower seed. After battling & cleaning for hours yesterday I realized I can nearly whistle a tune from dem bottom chompers.
A note to Bobbi from ABC…you have not got me figured out.
A note to lowly the tree ghost…I like your name regardless of what nick thinks of it. Come to SB.
A note to Kevin & Gale…once again, above & beyond with hospitality. See you again soon. Enjoy the record.

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