Tue Apr 26 2011

Peaches in the Basement

Craiger shot this video in his basement while we were working on the album. Something simple…something bearded. Full update on the LP coming soon. Enjoy.

Nate Posted by: Current Mood: Contemplative


  1. Joel says:

    Love it man. I’ve never seen you play this close. People’s finger picking styles always interest me. You get a really full sound just hittin’ your thumb w/o the nail.

    I think my favs on the new album are Pick Pockets, Showtunes, and Old Days. I love ’em all, but I think Old Days takes the win for me. The whole album’s amazing though.

    I just moved into a place next to an older fella who has played with Willie Nelson, George Jones and Merle Haggard. I think if you came out we could plan a really interesting time!

    Nice work man, I’m looking forward to the next set of Music Goodness.

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