Sat Jan 1 2011


Help Kickstart Nathan Edwin Projects!

At midnight last night everything launched for my fundraiser efforts. Almost a full day & we’re at a quarter of the funds. It’s blowing my mind. Thanks to all those who have preordered already. Please continue spreading the word. Those who haven’t…get yourself over to the link above and get your vinyl’s & BIRTH CO. TEMPORARY TATTOOS! I’ll even come play a house show for you. Check out the incentives. A video on both kickstarter and here will be up soon. Thanks again. Getting the word out is incredibly important. I’ve been harassing via internet, phone, chain letters & pyramid schemes. Suggest everyone else do the same.

Happy Happy New Year.

To you & your best friends

Had myself a long beard

Since I was 9 or 10.

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  1. Joel Brown says:

    This is incredible! I’ll spread the word to my family who enjoyed ‘Sorry About the Cheap Christmas’ thoroughly.

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