Fri May 9 2008

June Tour

So the plans…

I suppose it’s time to start playing music. The tour with darkroom will be the kick off. This will be my first tour and I’m super pumped to have these darkroom fellows as my guides. The majority of these cities I’ve yet to ever see so it’s all crazy and beautiful.

The Nashville album isn’t quite ready for release. Most of the music is recorded but finishing touches still need to be…touched? It’s mostly vocals for all the tunes. Everything is sounding extremely smooth and pretty. The release will be sometime in september now. We were shooting for this summer but it’s been far too much trouble getting to Nashville and back.

While thats being finished…

I’m recording next week some tracks for a summer ep release. This will be my traveling companion and will bring in all the moolah. I’ve never spelt moolah before. I’m sure thats incorrect. I hate spelling. More so I don’t like spelling correctly. That’s a silly thing to hate. I take it back. This ep will be closer to the style of my old recordings…but with a smooth studio quality. I’ll be experimenting a lot with simple layers. This won’t be something to hate. Spelling correctly…questionable.

These are the dates and cities. Kyle(darkroom/BFF) is kind enough to book things. I think he is anyway. Well…someone is taking care of it. More touring will follow after these dates. I’ll be heading east afterwards and looking for places to play. I’ll need some help so if anyone reads this stuff…bring me to your town. This is long. It’s been a bit since I wrote something. Happy summer slummer everyone!

Darkroom/Nathan Edwin Tour

6/18- Indianapolis, Indiana
6/19- Louisville, Kentucky
6/20- Nashville, Tennessee
6/21- Birmingham, Alabama
6/22- Jackson, Mississippi
6/23- Little Rock, Arkansas
6/24- Norman, Oklahoma
6/25- Springfield, Missouri
6/26- St. Louis, Missouri
6/27- Kansas City, Missouri
6/28- Omaha, Nebraska
6/29- Des Moines, Iowa
6/30- Minneapolis, Minnesota
7/1- Milwaukee, Wisconsin
7/2- Chicago, Illinois
7/3- South Bend, Indiana
7/4- Fort Wayne, Indiana
7/5- Holland, Michigan
7/6 Detroit, Michigan

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  1. Joel says:

    Can’t wait till your next tour man. Hope all is going well on the full length.

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