Sat Jun 16 2012

it begins again

Night two. Hudson, Ohio

Back at the palombos place in Hudson. Yallz remember those oatmeal cookies I wuz raven about. Who reads this business…besides you, madre? Last trip the palombos set the bar for hosts. I’m back playing in Kent, OH tomorrow night near Hudson. The Ohio Music Shop will be a fun show.
Back it up..
Wednesday my buddy nick & I took off for Cincinnati. I was starting things off in my old, though brief, home in Ohio. I had never been to MOTR pub but over the Rhine district in town really surprise me. It’s wild once leaving a place, realizing how much you missed out on while living there. I was in a daydream back then. A flashy wrist watch with legs for arms.<~~ just freestyled that one. No big deal. Anyway, Cincinnati was great though the crowd wasn't exactly bursting at the seams. I was playing 2 sets which can be quite a long experience if it's flopping. The first set did just that. Playing to a single pair of clapping hands can really bust your balls. I wasn't very enthused. I knew this trip would be a challenge with certain shows. During set break I convinced myself to have a good time for the next one. I really wanted to play these songs. It ended up being a favorite show. I felt stronger than ever. Even new tunes felt like I had them hanging around for months prior. The sound was top notch & helped out very much. Matt was great & I truly hope to work with him again. MOTR as well. The crowd was what I expected but I will find more people to come. I'm sure of it, suckers. No're not a sucker. Night 3 & 4 Cleveland We searched for some camping after leaving cinci but nothing was fitting my demands. Campsite, on water, that we can swim in. Easy peezy. Couldn't find squat so headed up to the palombos early. Went to a couple nifty bars with very good looking girls & sleaze ball fellas. I drank 2 beers. My first drink in a few months. Tasted fine. Would have preferred Jameson. A good nights sleep was perfect though. Today I woke to finding out the show never got finalized on their end. Booking something for the way back from the east instead. It's a bummer because of how much I want to play. Heading into Cleveland to hang out with Sam some more tonight. It's been a relaxed day. Very nice here. Found a great disc golf course where I met a turtle & a deer & a guy I stomped on foosball the last night. Small world. Tomorrow we're heading to Philly to hang with a favorite. Sunday I'm playing at goodbye blue Monday in Brooklyn. Come on by. For now...I will relax more in something new. Self control is attractive. Deadwin 20120615-203052.jpg






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