Fri Jan 7 2011

Invisible AL…kick updates & shows

Andrew & I have a brother…His name is Alex Collins. He’s helping spread the word over at the Invisible Children headquarters & I can’t thank him enough. Invisible Children has been a massive influence on my music and all other creative endeavors. If you haven’t heard of IC’s impressive efforts to regain stability in Northern Uganda check out their site…HERE! Alex runs the music site for Invisible Children…HERE! Thanks Al…& Nada…& Kenny. Get me out to California. This Midwest business gets lonely.

Kickstarter update…8 hundred & 4 stink’n bones!! This past week has been a giggle fest. Trying to keep myself from checking the kickstarter every 5 minutes has been my biggest battle. Every preorder that comes in flips me out in a fit of fist pumps. I’ve also become a bit of a hermit working on the tunes & getting everything prepared for release. It’s the good kind of hermit-ing…not the creepy. Every day things seem so much more achievable and I grow increasingly more thankful for everyone who has been helping out.

For those in the Michiana area, I’ll be playing a couple shows next weekend(14th +15th). The 14th at Jenny Lane Studios in downtown Elkhart, IN. ┬áThe 15th is small house show with a fella by the name of peter j hochstedler. There are some great tunes at that link to his bandcamp. Free downloads on them as well. Definitely check him out. Leave a comment if anyone would like the addresses to either. No charge. The EP is planned to be available then as well. Working out 6-7 tunes for it. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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  1. Amy says:

    Yes! Can’t wait till you come out of hibernation.
    Ps joel-This site is so freaking good.

  2. Joel says:

    Thanks Amy. Dang, Peter’s music is sweet! I like Radio. I love 7/4 beats. Well, I bookmarked the Google map to Jenny Lane Studios. Looks like it’s three hours and three minutes to get there, then I remembered I’ll be basking in the sun on Marco Island that day. Keep me posted on shows though! I’ve yet to experience Nathan Edwin live. Take some videos!

  3. Joel says:

    Ahhhh, I wanna see Nathan Edwin Live!

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