Sat Apr 28 2012

Heyro PA

Der two
Started things off a bit late today. The palombos who very kind for having me. Never got the chance to meet Sams ma’s & pops but their hospitality seemed endless. Hope to be back around there again soon.

Side note: writing this at a gas station parking lot in Phoenixville, PA. Two police cars come up to my car with lights on. Guess this Altima looks suspicious. My ID check turned out fine though. Coppa’s let me go. I’m just glad they didn’t pull up when I was peeing on the side of the gas station 5 minutes ago.

So late start to philadelphia but It worked out well. Brynn was super with hosting the show and hooking everyone up with the hottest salsa ever made as well as delicious pot stickers made with flounder I believe. Maybe puffer fish? One of those soft sounding names. They tasted soft. Some great people came out. Joshua, psalmships sounded silly good. Love that we’ve got 2 more of these this weekend. The bones of J.R. Jones…fantastic finally seeing you play. Definitely need to play with him again. Much love for Johnny bee. Hope to hear your reggae stuff soon. Joshua, hook me up with the tunes from your old band. Now!

Tomorrow night I’ll be heading to Baltimore, MD with psalmships. Very excited. Then back around Philadelphia Sunday night. Very excited. It’s all been moving along smoothly. Highlight was seeing some old friends who came out to the show. No friend break ups for these pups. No way. The fox I saw on the way here tonight was pretty great too. I want to go to Maine.

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