Tue Mar 27 2007

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So a lot is going on. This past weekend has been unstoppable. Meeting new friends…Seeing old friends…being around super friends. All focused around the amazing Invisible Children. Our passion for Uganda and the world is growing everyday. Andrew and I have decided Birth co. is needing to be associated with IC as much as possible. We have the merch from Alex that will be sold at every show we play. Birth co. makes a lot more sense with this new quality. We’re starting a schools for schools account that is bringing donations to the schools in Uganda. Everyone who enjoys Nathan Edwin and wants to support can donate at anytime with our account. Ask how you can help and find out more at Invisiblechildren.com or s4s.invisiblechildren.com.

Other stuffffff..

  • We’re sold out of the old Birth co. Shirts. The next batch will be invisible children/Birth co. T’s for raising more money. Very soon…very soon
  • The new cd will hopefully be done in the next couple weeks. I have some recordings but more so rough things. A lot of new songs. Songs with meaning. Songs I care for.
  • We’re working on a lot for April. The shows are scheduling and making us happy. Chicago is a place we’re falling in love with more and more. The shows that are being booked in the chi chi are helping with that.

I’m looking forward to the summer. I’ve never had good springs but this one had been turning out for the better. Summer is always good though. Joshua Kenneth is getting married, Drew and Joe and I are heading across country to see the west coast I have yet to meet, IC is growing and giving us something to be passionate about, and I am looking forward to meeting new people. Simply have to stay focused and kick some arse with things. That can be a struggle. Encouragement is wonderful and I’m thankful for the people I know and love.

Ask us about invisible children. I’m learning more and more every day and love talking about it. Alex has brought this to us and his help with it has been great. I’m feeling good about things and looking forward to whats to come. It’s a reason to keep playing and a reason to make it stronger.

I’m in love with things.

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