Sun Dec 2 2007

Full Length Coming Soon!

I fell in love with a grey whale.

A lot’s happening. Maybe too much. Probably not though. Where to start..

A new friend has started a record label and Nathan Edwin shall be the guinea pigs. We’re recording down in Nashville in a short while with another new friend Jason Torrence from foxhole. An actual album with artwork and distribution and money and creed covers. Nah…no creed covers on this record. Just Folk ‘n Roll goodness. Serious time..we’re looking at 10-11 tunes for the disc. Andrew’s skipping and dancing himself back to town (not really skipping), Joshua’s getting divorced to have time to record (not really getting a divorce!), and we’re hoping Alexander will get back from saving the world so he can rock my world (not really literally). We may be needing additional players of all shapes and instruments, so if anyone feels like nashvillin….

Other things, shmother shmings..
I’m working on a lot of new songs. I’ll try posting things in the next week or so. I’m happy with the way writing is growing and flowing and blowing and towing. The weather outside makes me ill. It’s silly to see beautiful white front lawns and streets that then turn to sloppy brown reminders of how amazing everything was. Its week after week of falling in love then getting blind-sided with a sucker punch of clueless understanding. Life is misunderstanding. Love is timing. Now it’s the time for not understanding. I miss a lot of things and wish I loved a lot more. Damn global warming..?

Three christmas songs will be for sale on our gojangle site within in the few days. Three bucks for the three. Everything in threes. Support folk ‘n roll and purchase them. It’s only three bucks kids. Go to and search for nathan edwin. You can listen to new songs and buy whatever we have for sale. It takes a few days to load up and I just posted them today. There will be unreleased goodies for sale too. (queen of italy…..)

Lastly…check out for new live videos of the band from last spring. It’s an idea of how the albums going to go. Bigger though. Much bigger.

For reading this entire blog I will give you something sometime. A christmas gift of sorts. I’ll figure it out. Give some feedback. Give some gifts. Give some candy. Give some selfless love to a whale.

happy holidays,
nathan edwin

The Lover and His Three Spears

A sailor’s tale—————-of a big grey whale
Who came and swallowed everything I owned
She swam in swirls———-and smaller circles
And she never gained a bit of ground
But I swam with her———for three years or more
Never seeing anything in return
For the gifts I had————-piled high in stacks
In that deep grey belly of hers
Well the circle scene———got me dizzy and mean
And my pockets gained nothing but frays
So I swam ashore————-near a river fork
And got drunk in the local ways
I got talking to—————-a captain and crew
Who were after that same grey whale
See that whales a crook——she just took and took
So we plotted how she should be killed
Before the sun could rise—for the river wives
We all piled in an old wood ship
With our heads a blur——–and our words a slurred
We set out on our whaling trip
As the darkness strayed——to let in the grey
I led my fleet toward the circle scene
Following the trail————-of my patience failed
We found her nine hours out at sea
As the boat came close——–with the oars slow roll
I broke down with my aching heart
She was swimming smooth—-in her circle groove
So I told my crew, “back to the bar”
But the captain cursed———-he had planned for worse
Pulled three spears from the top of his deck
Throwing one by one———–toward my deep sea love
Hopelessly I was forced to protect
I swam to her quick————-when the first spear clipped
My right hand piercing through with ease
Then the second came———-pierced my left leg lame
But the third was the worst of three
As my bones sank slow———to the muck below
I peered up towards my big grey love
Who was swimming free——-never noticing me
You see there’s nothing that I wouldn’t give up

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