Mon Apr 30 2012

Farewell with Fourths

Laying low for the rest of the night at Joshua & Brads house. A great place that’s equipped with a massive space ship that takes up the better part of an entire room. Sarah, this may be framework for a time travel vessel.

Last night was great. Baltimore was much more than I expected. Kate was very kind with letting us stay with her. Amanda was amazing for hosting the show. The Baltimore morning was one of the better AMs I’ve had in a very long time. The homes we were in very comfortable part of town. Nothing too wild. Very relaxed and cozy. I’m loving the row homes here. Brunch was great. Then Brad negotiated the purchase of an Elkhart trombone for me. 30 bucks & plays like a pro. Always have wanted to play one. Now I want to be in a matching band.

Tonight’s show was again very laid back and comfortable. Played for new people in the back yard of an amazing Philly home. The weather was perfect. The hosts went above & beyond. Once again I am incredibly thankful for joshua & brads help with these shows. I sincerely look up to what they’re working on. Both have been amazing through this weekend. I look forward to more in the near future.

Now I’m going to sleep. No sleep til Brooklyn? Shit…homeboys tired.

The Matt & Nat
Was laying flat
Next to a case
A trombone sat








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