Fri Apr 27 2012

day one with no sun

This has been a long day but a fantastic one nonetheless. Snuggling in the guest bed at Sammi P’s parents just outside Cleveland. They’ve been super & I’ve yet to even meet them. Oatmeal cookies & towels laid out for the morning. Disneys Robin Hood is soothing & setting me up for sleep.

This has been a great start. I was rained out from playing outside the restaurant Sam set up in chagrin falls. Explored the town a bit though. Best wrap I’ve ever had. Forget the name already. Trying to stop back in tomorrow before leaving for PA. While finishing up a fantastic chocolate milk shake I decided to look for an open mic in Cleveland. A few popped up on google but nothing seemed to be working. I had nearly given up when I found a music shop in Kent hosting one. Off to Kent State with 4 dead on my mind. The shop included a bar & a stage. I was last so when I got up to play the place was near empty other than the owner & a couple stragglers. He started talking to me about his past with some pretty big acts. Homeboys been around the block. Now sticks mostly with building guitars & running his bar/music shop. Still in contact and plays with some big wigs. Neat stuff. Thinks I sound like Donovan. Wants to get me on a real show for the next time I’m passing through. Couldn’t have picked a better open mic to work out. Played 3 songs for a handful of people. I promise to be back, Ohio Music Shop. You few people treated me like I packed out the room.

Sam & his lovely lil lady Emily met me in Kent where she goes to school. It’s great meeting her & always good seeing him. I wish them the best of luck with Minneapolis this summer. Thank you for this hospitality Ohio.

PA in the morning. So much to look forward to there as well. Some friends that have been out of my life for too long. Need to get some sleep. Trying to find a disc golf course for the AM. To all who have shown support with this trip, thank you. You mean the world to me. My parents have been the biggest with support. I love you both very much.

Goodnight, snitches.





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