Wed Jan 26 2011

6 days…chip chop chip

1544 bones with 6 days to go. Kickstarter support has continued it’s process of blowing my mind. Being that annoying fella that’s asking everyone for copious amounts of cash has proven to pay off…we are officially pressing to vinyl! It’s been a crazy 25 days. Seeing the amount exceed expectations has been a great accomplishment, but more so a massive encouragement. Here’s a bit of where things go from here.

The EP is near it’s completion. It will feature 5 tunes not being released on the vinyl and one “single” from the full length. Once it’s ready we’ll have a link on here for free downloads of the tunes. The majority of this has been recorded in the past couple weeks here in South Bend. Drew & I have been sending things back & forth for percussion and mixing. It’s now in its final stages in Nashville.

After the release of the digital EP, we’ll be working exclusively on the full length. The majority of the full length has already been recorded in Nashville but small parts and experiments need to be added still. Once this is competed we’ll first be releasing a digital download for all the Kickstarter backers. Once the vinyls are pressed, the plan is for a Nashville printing party for the album artwork and other birth co. incentives. Once the packaging is complete we’ll be sending those out as well as officially releasing the album to orders outside of Kickstarter backers…become a backer, slacker.

In the next 6 days I hope to get the kickstarter to at least 60 backers. To raise the money to over 1700 would be monumental for birth co. success. The money would be invested into more vinyls and other projects to come. Help spread the word. 6 days…156 more bucks. Easy Peezy, right? Enjoy your week, yallz.

—>check out the new album covers made by the one & many Craig Daniel Moan. He’s been a huge help with things we’ve been working on. He’s considered part of the birth co. gang but you can also check out of his work at

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  1. Joel Brown says:

    Congratulations. I can’t wait to get it spinnin’ on my turntable!

  2. Danny Workman says:

    Can’t wait to hear it! Super pumped, just wish I had the money to have helped in the donations. I’ll pay extra for any shows you do to make up for it.

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