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Fri Aug 30 2013
Sun Jun 17 2012


PA pop’n sheetz On the streetz With my teeth Separating #np-I’m not there Heading to Philadelphia from Cleveland. Had a great time in the city last night. Great Lakes brewing company was fantastic followed by mini bowling at the ABC bar. Met some great locals. Now we’re heading down the much preferred 80 on a fantastic day. Camping out tonight outside Philly with some people there. Should be great before Brooklyn tomorrow. Very excited to hang with Sarah hall & oats again. Random happenings: since my wisdom teeth have settled in there places, it seems my bottom front teeth are … Continue reading

Sat Jun 16 2012

it begins again

Night two. Hudson, Ohio Back at the palombos place in Hudson. Yallz remember those oatmeal cookies I wuz raven about. Who reads this business…besides you, madre? Last trip the palombos set the bar for hosts. I’m back playing in Kent, OH tomorrow night near Hudson. The Ohio Music Shop will be a fun show. Back it up.. Wednesday my buddy nick & I took off for Cincinnati. I was starting things off in my old, though brief, home in Ohio. I had never been to MOTR pub but over the Rhine district in town really surprise me. It’s wild once … Continue reading

Thu May 3 2012

Sloth like Fifths & Brooklyn sixth & Tow truck sevenths

I’ve stopped in to nyack from Brooklyn. The city was great though. Cuzzy Catherine & her fantastic roommates were necessary & much appreciated. Can’t wait to visit again. Central Park was a highlight of this trip. There’s something there that screams out for comfortable ambition. It’s a motivation in all the right ways. It provides some crazy instagramps for sure. I spent much of my first day trying my best to get lost in central park kingdom. I hid away with my notebook figuring out what notes could best record how good it felt. This entire trip I’ve had some … Continue reading

Mon Apr 30 2012

Farewell with Fourths

Laying low for the rest of the night at Joshua & Brads house. A great place that’s equipped with a massive space ship that takes up the better part of an entire room. Sarah, this may be framework for a time travel vessel. Last night was great. Baltimore was much more than I expected. Kate was very kind with letting us stay with her. Amanda was amazing for hosting the show. The Baltimore morning was one of the better AMs I’ve had in a very long time. The homes we were in very comfortable part of town. Nothing too wild. … Continue reading

Sun Apr 29 2012

Wands of three

Day three has been fantastic. Will write more tomorrow but am beat up tonight. Baltimore has been a treat. Wet but cozy. Goodnight, buttercup. Intagramps:

Sat Apr 28 2012

Heyro PA

Der two Started things off a bit late today. The palombos who very kind for having me. Never got the chance to meet Sams ma’s & pops but their hospitality seemed endless. Hope to be back around there again soon. Side note: writing this at a gas station parking lot in Phoenixville, PA. Two police cars come up to my car with lights on. Guess this Altima looks suspicious. My ID check turned out fine though. Coppa’s let me go. I’m just glad they didn’t pull up when I was peeing on the side of the gas station 5 minutes … Continue reading

Fri Apr 27 2012

day one with no sun

This has been a long day but a fantastic one nonetheless. Snuggling in the guest bed at Sammi P’s parents just outside Cleveland. They’ve been super & I’ve yet to even meet them. Oatmeal cookies & towels laid out for the morning. Disneys Robin Hood is soothing & setting me up for sleep. This has been a great start. I was rained out from playing outside the restaurant Sam set up in chagrin falls. Explored the town a bit though. Best wrap I’ve ever had. Forget the name already. Trying to stop back in tomorrow before leaving for PA. While … Continue reading

Sat Apr 21 2012

Stuff…lots o’ stuff

An update. The past couple months have been hefty. I’m not sure where I’ve been for it. I’ve realized a wee bit about change though. Mostly being how necessary it is & how shit it can be with its timing. We don’t get along well. Being in the wrong state of mind has created all the wrong change. Blaming others & convincing myself that they are at fault has been my biggest defense mechanism. I never have wanted to admit that I’m in the wrong. I’ve pushed too many close people away due to my silly & problematic ways. I’ve … Continue reading