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Sat Apr 21 2012

Stuff…lots o’ stuff

Stuff…lots o’ stuff

An update. The past couple months have been hefty. I’m not sure where I’ve been for it. I’ve realized a wee bit about change though. Mostly being how necessary it is & how shit it can be with its timing. We don’t get along well. Being in the wrong state of mind has created all the wrong change. Blaming others & convincing myself that they are at fault has been my biggest defense mechanism. I never have wanted to admit that I’m in the wrong. I’ve pushed too many close people away due to my silly & problematic ways. I’ve … Continue reading

Wed Feb 1 2012


Some big plans are in the works, but there will be more news on that soon. We are also working on getting some more videos on the site. In the meantime, enjoy these ones! Just a couple of live recordings of “Willow” and “Pocket Poetry” from this past summer, directed by our super duper friend, Cara Brown.

“Willow” by Nathan Edwin 7/15/11 from Cara Brown on Vimeo.

“Pocket Poetry” by Nathan Edwin 7/15/11 from Cara Brown on Vimeo.


Sun Dec 4 2011


How bouts an update?

It was about a year ago that I first went to Nashville to start this record. I appreciate everyones patience with this throughout the year. There have been a few speed bumps & broken hearts along the way but it’s still a work in progress. The support I’ve had with raising the funds and the random shows throughout the past few months have been a much needed motivator. Know that I haven’t ran off and paid off school loans with the album preorders. The funds are in a secure place far away from my pocketbook but I am more then ready to get this show on the road. Thanks again for your patience.

Birth co. has some updates of it’s own. During the summer I played a small Ecofest show in South Bend with a terrible turn out. An awkward little teenager came up after the show and introduced herself as Bailey Williams. She said she was playing a bit later. Seeing as I was half the audience I decided to stick around and hear what she had to offer. Turns out she’s been one of my favorites ever since. I’ve recorded a few of her tunes and am anxious to get them out for everyone to hear. The grand plan is getting a split EP released with her and I popping out hit after hit. First things first, finishing my record. Recording her songs and adding instrumentation has been a super treat. She’s a 17 year old super star & will blow peoples minds. Here’s a cover of Daniel Johnston she did. Look out for more to come from her joining up with the Birth co. family. Welcome her with open arms.

True Love Will Find You In The End

I must mention last nights show at my new friend Gus Bennett’s place. I haven’t ever been this nervous for a house show before. Best apartment in South Bend with the best people in South Bend. Thanks for everyone who came out and made it a blast. Gus, you were a true host. Thanks for having us in your amazing swimming pool home. Bailey & Peter Hochstedler were both tops. I love being included in with such super song writers. Peter will be missed around here. Best of luck to him and Angela as they freeze to death for the next month in Minneapolis and head to a Organic farm in Arizona. Everyone needs to drop by Peter’s bandcamp and steal everything he has.

Show at the end of the month with Bailey and some others. More info here.

Thats good for meow.
I’ll get better at this.


Fri Jan 7 2011

Invisible AL…kick updates & shows

Andrew & I have a brother…His name is Alex Collins. He’s helping spread the word over at the Invisible Children headquarters & I can’t thank him enough. Invisible Children has been a massive influence on my music and all other creative endeavors. If you haven’t heard of IC’s impressive efforts to regain stability in Northern Uganda check out their site…HERE! Alex runs the music site for Invisible Children…HERE! Thanks Al…& Nada…& Kenny. Get me out to California. This Midwest business gets lonely. Kickstarter update…8 hundred & 4 stink’n bones!! This past week has been a giggle fest. Trying to keep … Continue reading

Fri May 9 2008

June Tour

So the plans… I suppose it’s time to start playing music. The tour with darkroom will be the kick off. This will be my first tour and I’m super pumped to have these darkroom fellows as my guides. The majority of these cities I’ve yet to ever see so it’s all crazy and beautiful. The Nashville album isn’t quite ready for release. Most of the music is recorded but finishing touches still need to be…touched? It’s mostly vocals for all the tunes. Everything is sounding extremely smooth and pretty. The release will be sometime in september now. We were shooting … Continue reading