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Wed Nov 17 2010

Emotional Investigations

Article by: Adrian Vanderbosch Nathan Edwin’s music is personal. It’s reflective. But, most of all, it’s identifiable. That recognition; that sense of intimacy and familiarity a listener gets from exploring Nathan’s work, is a quality so often forced and failed in music, but the always earnest Edwin achieves it with a kind of casual effortlessness. He exists as a rare entity, possessing not only the musical skills to construct dynamic, layered accompaniments, but also a poetic skill that consistently produces unexpected, honest and vivid lyrics. It is easy to draw comparisons to lyrical greats like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen … Continue reading

Tue Oct 26 2010

If it means something

This photo is taken from an article at Friends With Both Arms. The article was posted by Nada Alic and reads: “I must be on some kind of sappy singer songwriter kick these days, but I’m entirely cool with it. Maybe I’m effectively trying to balance out the chaos of my life by drinking beer and listening to the hum and sweep of guitars and beautiful boys that serenade. But I’m excited to share this one with you- his name is Nathan Edwin, and he’s friends with my ‘Bodysnatcher’ friend Andrew Jamdrew Collins. His voice is a great comfort to … Continue reading