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Fri Jan 28 2011
Wed Jan 26 2011

6 days…chip chop chip

1544 bones with 6 days to go. Kickstarter support has continued it’s process of blowing my mind. Being that annoying fella that’s asking everyone for copious amounts of cash has proven to pay off…we are officially pressing to vinyl! It’s been a crazy 25 days. Seeing the amount exceed expectations has been a great accomplishment, but more so a massive encouragement. Here’s a bit of where things go from here. The EP is near it’s completion. It will feature 5 tunes not being released on the vinyl and one “single” from the full length. Once it’s ready we’ll have a … Continue reading

Fri Jan 7 2011

Invisible AL…kick updates & shows

Andrew & I have a brother…His name is Alex Collins. He’s helping spread the word over at the Invisible Children headquarters & I can’t thank him enough. Invisible Children has been a massive influence on my music and all other creative endeavors. If you haven’t heard of IC’s impressive efforts to regain stability in Northern Uganda check out their site…HERE! Alex runs the music site for Invisible Children…HERE! Thanks Al…& Nada…& Kenny. Get me out to California. This Midwest business gets lonely. Kickstarter update…8 hundred & 4 stink’n bones!! This past week has been a giggle fest. Trying to keep … Continue reading

Sat Jan 1 2011


At midnight last night everything launched for my fundraiser efforts. Almost a full day & we’re at a quarter of the funds. It’s blowing my mind. Thanks to all those who have preordered already. Please continue spreading the word. Those who haven’t…get yourself over to the link above and get your vinyl’s & BIRTH CO. TEMPORARY TATTOOS! I’ll even come play a house show for you. Check out the incentives. A video on both kickstarter and here will be up soon. Thanks again. Getting the word out is incredibly important. I’ve been harassing via internet, phone, chain letters & pyramid … Continue reading

Sat Jan 1 2011

& so begins 2011

It’s almost 7:00 PM New Years Eve. Watching Friends on the CW & feeling pumped for everything that’s beginning. The website has officially launched and kickstarter is soon to follow! Midnight tonight is the start. will have all the bang for your buck. We’re still working out some kinks with everything but that’s expected, right? Continue to check back for more updates. The entire month of January I’ll be posting through the facebook event as well. With kickstarter, my goal is to press as many vinyls as possible. The amount we’re raising is for the minimum from the press … Continue reading